South Shore Pizza & Subs
South Shore Pizza & Subs
3026 College Ave E

Karen P ★★★★★
    Having a rough Halloween night, stopped to grab a pie, hadn't ever eaten here before thought I'd try it, staff was great turning a rough nite into a laugh and I got Home the pizza was delicious, definitely try the cinnapie. I will come back for more pizza!

Clint J ★★★★★
    I just received (delivered) my 2 pizzas which by the way were 5 minutes earlier than they said. I looked at each pizza to make sure each was in good condition; not thrown around and such. They were in great shape as if you got them at the table in the restaurant. The delivery driver was very nice and I actually think I tipped him 3 dollars less that I should have.
   All in all, their pizzas were fantastic tasting and soft on the crust. WOW. There is NOTHING negative to write here. I will order their pizza over and over again. It was that good. Oops I just thought of something negative...they should have given a little Blue Cheese with my Buffalo Chicken Wing pizza. So make it a 4.99 Star rating. Again WOW

Bill C
Great pizza!

Vera C
Excellent food excellent delivery service. first time ordering from you, when I order pizza again it will definitely be from South Shore Pizza

Stephen P
You have the best Pizza around, it's true; but I think the best item on the menu is the Calzones!

David S
Just moved to town and have ordered pizzas twice so far. Very good pizzas and quick service. Will definitely order more in the future.

Charles A
I waited too too long to try out this place, delicious food! Italian sausage marinara was awesome!

We had the new bread filled items(chicken carbonara and italian sausage marinara) and really enjoyed them."-Jackie

Thanks SSP for listing to your customers. The new large pan style crust is amazing!! The Chicken and Bacon Ranch pizza is awesome!!

Tenders were on point good job. Satisfied :D

On March 15, 2012, I had the pleasure of enjoying my first and not, the last South Shore Pizza. I wanted to leave a review, but cannot figure out how to do so. Just in case, here is my brief review: I am thrilled that finally a family-owned, homemade pizza shop is in our area. The create your own pizza was delicious, the best I have eaten since moving from NY. I enjoy a lot of sauce and cheese and a not too thick crust. South Shore Pizza came through and then some! SSP has now become my number 1 place for pizza. Please give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Bill H
Just got our first pies from South Shore....WOW!!!

Cindy P
We picked up the best pizza ever last night from your store, the Philly Cheese Steak was awesome, best I've ever had!

Mike Y
Had South Shore for dinner, it was great as usual!

Karyn K
Hi, Just wanted to let you know of my wonderful experience this past weekend. We had a birthday party for my 4 yr old this weekend, we decided on pizza's from your establishment. The pizzas not only arrived on time but hot and delicious. We wanted them delivered at 1:30 and sure enough our 8 pizzas were here at 1:26! We got tons of compliments and even gave out your menu to a few friends that asked. You will definitely get our repeat business and even some of our friends who LOVED your pizza. Thanks for making a stressful 4 yr old bday party a little less stressful! :)

Rosemary S
Your pizza is great I'll have to try your veggie sub....I was a customer of of Southshore..I'll be sure to tell my family and coworkers about your food.Try to get my boss to switch from Pizza Hut.....She treats us to pizza every couple weeks....

Lois C
I ordered a pizza from you this evening. Third time ordering and I just wanted to say that your staff is SO professional and friendly, the pizza is SO delicious, the only thing more I could ask for is for you to me my next door neighbor! Keep up the great work and you can\'t help but be a huge success!

Christina B
We are new to the area and wanted to see what you offer & the prices. However, I cannot access the online menu without starting a new order. Please fix your site so the menu can be viewed without having to start a new order.

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